Nevo Energy Environmental Commitment

Environmental sensitivity is at the core of Nevo Energy's values. Our solar projects are designed to have minimal environmental impact. The Company's strategy to build renewable power projects using sustainable development principles that will enable progress towards solving the climate change challenges and reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil. Our strategy includes more than just producing clean energy; we invest in large environmental mitigations projects to set aside land for permanent environmental sanctuary from development.

Environmentally Sensitive Development Process

Design: Our strategy to minimize the impact on the environment has driven solar panel deployment process. Our goal is to use a lattice support system that will minimize the usage of large cement footings. The solar panels are mounted using intermittent poles pressed far into the ground to minimize the need for cement support structures. The solar panels are built high enough off the ground to allow sheep and other animals to graze under the panels or migrate through their natural passageways. The solar panel technology optimized to capture solar resources from direct and indirect sunlight, maximizes the benefit from the land and sun resources in the area.

Site Selection: We select project areas where transmission lines exist in close proximity and where farming or cattle grazing have already affected the land. The environmental impact can be further minimized by using existing roads and by leaving waterways as they naturally occur.

Construction: Solar panels are assembled in fabrication plants off site and placed in service using small industry lifts. Panels are arranged in a lattice support structure that provides lateral strength to the system. Steel poles are driven into the ground to support the solar panels, reducing the need for extensive land grading.

Environmental Cooperation

In developing its projects, Nevo strives to incorporate the environmental concerns of many interest groups, including environmentalists, neighbors, governmental agencies, consumers, and utilities.

Environmental Review Process

In every phase of the operation, Nevo seeks to actively understand and support environmental concerns. We work closely with regulatory agencies and environmental and consumer groups to make sure issues are resolved. Our goal is to pursue policies that fulfill the environmental promise of renewables. We seek to achieve substantial reductions in greenhouse gasses by delivering clean energy with significant economic benefits. Nevo Energy and other renewable energy companies can catalyze the business transformation necessary to create a new clean energy economy.